Sep 13

‘Van Helsing vs the Werewolf’ Issue 3 – Review *May Contain Spoilers*

Writer: Chuck Dixon

Artwork: Allan Otero

Colors: Robby Bevard

Letters: Jim Campbell

Editor: Dave Franchini

Art Direction & Design: Christopher Cote

Liesel, Agent Wu, and Tshering are climbing back up the mountain to the monastery from the village they were at, and get jumped by a group of vampires. With the aid of an ex-Sherpa named Chandresh who jumps in from out of nowhere they fight the horde back.

After making there way back to the monastery and Chandresh leaves back into the mountains, the group attempts to get ready for the next battle. However a werewolf attacks the monastery.

This story is one of my favorite Van Helsing series so far. With an excellent plot written by Chuck Dixon and amazing artwork by Allan Otero, Zenescope offers another masterpiece.