Dec 29

‘Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia’ – A review

“Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia” is a graphic novel written by Greg Rucka. Before I get to far into the review I should mention that this is the first Wonder Woman title I have read. Everything else I have read with her in it was in a team setting such as her with the Justice League or the Superman/Wonder Woman book.

That being said I am glad this was the first stand alone Wonder Woman comic I read because it didn’t make me want to never read a Wonder Woman comic again, in fact it did the opposite I am willing to give Wonder Woman more of a chance because of this.

The main reason I like this book is because she lays a beating on Batman, and the cover is what made me want to pick up the book to begin with.
Wonder Woman

In the book Wonder Woman takes part of an ancient ritual called the Hiketeia, which binds her by honor to a young woman named Danielle Wellys. What Wonder Woman does not know is Danielle has been chased by Batman all the way from Gotham because she has murdered several people. When she learns from Batman what Danielle has done she still protects her because of her duty in the ritual.

The artwork in the book by JG Jones is fabulous. Between the story and the art this is a book most everyone would enjoy.