Oct 13

Wonderland #28 review *SPOILERS*

Wonderland #28
I will admit this is my very first Wonderland comic so bear with me as I realize picking up the series in this issue is a bit confusing.

Calie, The Cheshire Cat, and The White Rabbit all seem to be tracking something called The Savage. Along the way they find what seems to be a native child that they try to wrangle back towards its village. At least they assume that it is his village.

The issue then flashes to Earth where a young man is being told a tale of Frankensteinian events from what appears to be his grandmother or maybe just an old advisor. The tale seems to be preparing him for something he may need to do. You then see him breaking into a house looking for someone and coming across something out of a Lovecraft horror story. Then flashback to Wonderland.

Calie and The Savage begin to battle as The Savage jumps from the woods. During this battle you realize ( at least I did ’cause I am a noob to the series) that Calie is a badass. What stops Calie from killing The Savage? You’ll have to read the comic to find out.

All in all I really love the concept and the art work of the book. The writing is done well but there wasn’t much in the way of writing during the wonderland scenes in this issue. This book is available to purchase 10/15/2014.

Zenescope Entertainment provided a review copy of this issue to Geek Life Entertainment