Nov 12

‘Wytches’ #2 – Review

Wytches 2Written by: Scott Snyder
Art by: Jock
Colors by: Matt Hollingsworth
Lettering by: Clem Robins
Edited by: David Brothers

This book starts where the previous issue ended with Sailor being attacked in her bed. The story is getting good and I have become a fan, it keeps getting better with each issue.

The plot of this series is horror-esque and if you like the horror genre then you will definitely like this book.

I do not want to give spoilers to the story so I will just post an excerpt from the description from Previews.

A bus load of children disappears in the woods. A strange bite grows on a girl’s neck. And the wytches are getting closer, creeping from the woods. Be there for the terrifying second chapter of the new smash hit, WYTCHES.

At $2.99 for the issue it is well worth getting.

Image Comics provided a review copy of this issue to Geek Life Entertainment